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About us

Bottega Ligure s.r.l. is an innovative start-up, based in Cogoleto (GE), created by a group of professionals in love with their origins and their land: Liguria.
Passion, love and the culture of food are the values on which our company is based and on these, we have built a project that has two very ambitious goals:
- to promote and amplify the eno-gastronomic culture of our beautiful region which offers real specialties, known all over the world.
- support small artisan producers in the digital transformation process and in bringing their excellence to the market, enhancing their quality, experience and passion. We want to ensure that the food and wine excellences of the Ligurian tradition, carefully selected by our experts, can reach your home, as well as anywhere in the world, with ease and speed, guaranteeing the traditional goodness that distinguishes them.

Bottega Ligure s.r.l. is the first operator in Liguria to combine digital and physical in an integrated way with a truly innovative work model.
It is in fact the  first example of a "food-teck company" able to manage "at home" the whole process that will bring the true flavor of Liguria to your home.

Bottega Ligure staff

What we do

We bring Liguria "wherever you are"!
We deliver, throughout Italy and around the world, a wide selection of typical products (over 400 to date but constantly growing), known or to be discovered, but all of great artisan quality.
Bottega Ligure brings together the talent and passion of farmers, artisans, producers and breeders who we personally visit before starting the collaboration.
To obtain a truly unique result in the selection of products and producers, we have created a team composed, among others, of:
- profound connoisseurs of the Ligurian territory and tradition;
- a nutritionist biologist who will pay the utmost attention to nutritional values, the characteristics of freshness and seasonality of the products;
- a quality and safety expert to ensure optimal processes and structures for the conservation and delivery of products;
- a restaurant and product selection expert;

Our mission

We believe and invest in the value of all members of the supply chain: from growers and breeders who dedicate themselves with care to the production of raw materials, to small producers who are committed to preserving traditional recipes, up to our team that works with passion every day for continue to surprise you with the precious treasures of culinary and oenological art, bringing the excellence of Liguria to your table. We pay great attention to the area around us: if we want peasants, fishermen and farmers to continue to offer us healthy and genuine products, we must help them with small daily gestures. So in the offices and in the warehouse every day we follow a series of rules that go precisely in this sense: for example, our packaging is always made with entirely recyclable materials.

Our CEO Marco Grespigna talks about Bottega to the Sky Startupper program

How we work

We have acquired a structure of about 250 square meters, on two levels, in Cogoleto (GE), located in via Molinetto 168, where what we call "factory" .
Inside the warehouse, the offices and a certified laboratory for the treatment and preparation of food. All the products for sale on the site are placed in a dedicated area of the structure able to guarantee the best storage conditions. A management software controls the stocks so as to have full control of the entire logistics chain "from producer to consumer".
Your satisfaction is our priority and so we have created a constantly reachable customer service, by phone or digitally, that follows you until delivery to make the shopping experience satisfactory and safe.